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Cooking can be a lifestyle choice, here's how for stay at home spouse.

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Jane is a 35 years old hard working executive that works as a middle manager for a Fortune 500 company. She is happily married to Bob, who works as a professional accountant. They are currently preparing for a family. Both of them work hard to pay the mortgage , the car loan and to save up a bit on the side for rainy days. 9 months later, they are very happy to receive their newborn baby, Jason. Considering that their own parents, who are also Jason's grandparents, are no longer around to babysit Jason, the couple has to make some difficult choices.

Are they going to put up Jason to an infant care? Will this become a habit?

The daily mail reports that more than 60% of parents regret not spending sufficient time to take care of their children. What's interesting is that they would do it differently when they are given another choice. One of the reasons that Washington post inferred from a study conducted by Susan Mayer from the University of Chicago, is that the quality and quantity of time given by the parents to spend with their children are essential in building the following successful attributes such as hard work, honesty, reliability and good health.

Suppose the couple decide not to put Jason in infant care, then the next question is who is going to be the breadwinner? Is it a risky move to solely depend on one's person income?

A research note from Deutsche Bank called the Long-Term Asset Return stated in The Economist that business cycles become shorter , implying that any job has the potential to be systematically obsoleted by technology or lost due to intense competition in a particular industry.

As such, the couple seems to stuck in a dilemma. They face an intratemporal tradeoff position between investing more time in developing their child and reducing their income. This tradeoff position can be compounded by the fact that jobs are hard to come by and no longer secure.

This is one of the compelling reasons why FoodMnM is founded on. FoodMnM wants to offer a new paradigm shift : a new choice to enable the couple, whose choice is to personally care for Jason, to firstly have maintain 2 streams of income and secondly offer flexibility in caring for Jason.

Suppose Jane or Bob can change their job from full time to part time. The nature of their existing jobs does not change. They will still have to be accountable for fulfilling their job requirements. That fulfillment can be done on a part time basis or ad hoc basis. However, such arrangement might not be flexible, defeating the original intention of spending more time with their infant. This is because most of these corporate jobs involved teamwork that requires coordinations with more than 2 people. Fortunately Jane is a great cook and she discover FoodMnM.

FoodMnM enables Jane to make her choice of when to cook and who to cook for.

1. Power of who to cook for

She realized that she can cook for her neighbour , Daniel who is a busy working professional that does not have time to cook for himself. Later, she discover she can help Lin Wu , a chinese student who come to the United States by cooking for Lin and socially connecting to Lin. If Jane had take a part time job or run her own business, she might not have the power to say no.

2. Power of when to cook

Jane can select the time that she is going to cook and deliver her food. Because of that, she has more flexibility to breastfeed Jason and gets Jason to sleep at his own rhythm. This is possible because FoodMnM offers a booking system that is the same as a movie ticketing system or an airline ticketing system. Jane's foodie customers decide when they are going to pre-order their food by observing the availability of these times stated by Jane on FoodMnM system.

Although FoodMnM offers Jane a choice, Jane still has to decide whether she is going to use FoodMnM to support the couple's choice of investing more time to be with their son, Jason.

Michael Clayton mentioned that in his book , How will you measure your life? , our choices are dictated by what we value in life, so if you sincerely believe in valuing family , then you have to make that choice. FoodMnM is just a tool but the ultimate choice is still yours.