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Fundraising can be painful

· Tech
Real pain to gain

You are an entrepreneur moving from seed into Series A, you just realize how much time it takes to secure the term sheets from your seed investor. In addition, you recall how many investors you pitch to secure your first seed round.

Now your startup has 6 months of runway, you have to go back to fundraising mode again.

How do you feel? Would you want to do it again at Series B? What happen if you gotta do a bridge round? And then you move to Series C, D, F … till your startup get acquired / IPO?

Solution :

Now you wouldn’t feel at lost, painful or burdensome when you are going to raise your Series A, B , C … Why? Because Qicstart is here for you. The Qicstart team works with you to set up meaningful contacts with our large curated pool of investors.

We are not a training bootcamp , not an accelerator, not an incubator. Rather, we work on a process driven approach to fundraise with you such that you

  • know what to pitch about if you have 30 seconds, 3 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes.
  • know who to pitch to if you have 90 days of runway, 180 days of runway or 365 days to be ready for the next round
  • know who to pitch what if you meet a private equity guy, an angel investor, a strategic investor, a boutique investor or a bunge bracket investor.
  • know where to find the investors if you decide to pitch at your homeground , pitch to finance a new geographical market or pitch to finance a new product.
  • know what to do with your startup team to achieve the interim milestones that are pre-requisites for reaching the next round.
  • know how to setup an investor priotization list.
  • know the dynamic valuation of your startup’s valuation as you enter into fundraising mode and how to hedge it.

Andrew is a fund and growth hacker. He has started and failed 5 startups of which he cofounded with people from Mckinsey, Boston Consulting, Dropbox etc. He’s currently now part of the QicMovement, a movement to help startup founders fail smarter and fail faster.