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Let'z grow a digital community I

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I was recently being invited to consult about building a digital system for cultivating a digital community for a regional organization. The head of customer service mentioned about the need for this community. The organization recently made a policy change and received a public backlash. Doing surveys is time consuming and is generally not capturing the feedback from the organization's community influencers. As such, there is a need to create a platform for receiving feedback from the community before the organization implements any new ideas. Building a digital platform is just part of the equation of building a sustainable digital community. I shall describe the following things to consider when you decide to grow a digital community.

Question the purpose

Like a real community, a digital community will only exist in the long run if there is a purpose to do it. Having a purpose statement enables you to have focus on identifying the users and reflecting the progress of this community. Still clueless? Perhaps you can read [ The different types of digital communities on earth.].

Seek and you shall find

Upon clarifying the purpose behind creating this community, you will naturally be able to know the type of users to attract for this community. Thereafter, you need to locate the existing hot-spots of these users and attract them to your platform. They could be in existing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or in a existing site like a web portal. If there isn't one, then you can create one. Sometimes you don't have to attract these users if there is already a big and buzzing community on a specific site. Instead, you can cultivate your community from there.

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