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Partnership: Relational or Transactional

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I was recently involved in 2 cases that trigger me to think carefully about establishing a partnership with an individual be it an organization or an individual.

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Transactional Type Partnership: Start Big

The first case happened like this. A potential client wanted a long term revenue sharing partnership with Qicstart in developing a specific web system for a specific business. I met this prospective client through a business acquaintance. Despite the fact that Qicstart has offer ways to reduce the financial risk in building better digital products, this potential client wanted to further reduce his financial risks so he proposed a revenue sharing partnership. He shared on the possibilities of Qicstart taking on more and bigger projects from him. This client wanted to start something big with his partner and establish a partnership by taking actions with his partner. I termed such partnership as transactional based partnership.

If that outcome is positive or successful, then this outcome will trigger positive emotions. Subsequently positive emotions establish a positive relationship between both parties. Following that, a positive relationship produces constructive and positive thoughts, leading to another series of actions. This leads to a virtuous cycle that perpetuates the strengthening of a partnership.

On the other hand, a negative outcome can lead to a vicious cycle that perpetuates the deterioration of a partnership. As such, a transactional type partnership has a higher risk of breaking down because of the inherent beginning to determine a positive outcome via taking an action. Now, let's look at the second case.

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Relational Type Partnership: Start small

In the second case, I went to establish a collaboration with a partnering organization. The collaborator proposed a project that we can work together and the conversation sparks lots of other ideas. Instead of starting big, I choose to suggest to the collaborator that we start something small. Something small enough for us to focus our journey of working together. In this way, we are more likely to enjoy working together. As such, we work harder and longer so that can lead to a higher chance of obtaining success for this small project. Apart from the reason of increasing the likelihood of success, the other reason to start small is that I can evaluate my relationship with this collaborator. Although it seems like a relational type partnership is more enjoyable and is also more likely to succeed, it takes a longer time to build a consistently trustworthy and comfortable relationship between both parties in order to form a relational type partnership.

As such, it is matter of preferences for you to decide which one suits you better.

Qicstart is open to establishing a collaboration with any organization. This collaboration can start from doing something small and meaningful to the society.