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The different types of digital communities on earth

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There are 7 types of communities

Support Community

This community provides technical support to the users of a company's products or services. A strong support digital community can reduce the customer service call volume and increase the service resolution. This is done by having a collective knowledge of user base and customer answering the other customer's questions.

Internal Community

This community generally increases the productivity by allowing employees to locate information and connect directly with people who can help them on work-related issues. A strong internal community can reduce duplicate effort and can facilitate information sharing. Users of this community use collaborative features like chat room, blog, online collaboration, file storage & integration with existing business systems.

Media community

This community allows users to share news and content around your company. It acts as a source for eye-witness accounts of news event and news lead. The media community allows participants to comment and share opinions as current events.

Topical community

This community is used to address a specific subject or related topics. It allows members to voice their opinions on the specific topics. The typical feature of a topical community is the FAQ format with "resident expert" providing expert advice to spawn conversation.

Developer community

This community empowers developers to find the quickest path to a solution for a technical issue. Developers post direct & succinct questions & answers in the same tone. With this platform, the community is enabled to discuss and engage in topics on targeted topics associated with technology development.

Gaming community

This community enables members to share their gaming experience, game plans and to form teams. This is a hybrid of topical and developer community with a large social aspect and with highly technical discussions. Companies create these communities with the intention to build brand loyalty.

Educational community

This community helps to facilitate online classroom environment. Instructors can continue classroom dialog and provide online support. Students use the community to collaborate on team-based projects & other tasks.

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