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Music Hack: Sleepify

A Band Brilliantly Manipulated Spotify to Their Advantage
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A band called Vulfpeck took a brilliant approach to use the online music streaming service to their own advantage.

As it stands now, bands make $0.007 per stream. That ain’t a whole helluva lot. Vulfpeck decided to record a complete silent album called Sleepify and asked their roughly 1,000 fans to play the album on repeat on Spotify while they were sleeping.

The band used the Spotify users’ streams to figure out where people were listening to their album and decided to route their very first tour around that information. Furthermore, the revenue generated by the constant streaming of Sleepify funded the tour, so all shows would be free.

Now this is what I called smart hack. :)

If you know of any smart hacks in your career or work experience, please share.