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Understanding HR Data Science with Adrian Tan

· podcast

I was a guest on the Adrian Tan Show where we talk about HR data science.

Here's the outline for those who want the gist:

1. The goal of an HR data scientist is to be able to use data to link HR and business outcomes and enable stakeholders with some actionable insights to change their HR policies, and strategies to increase revenue, decrease cost, and decrease risks.

2. The easiest way to start is to pick a small scope that can impact business.

3. HR is gonna be like what Facebook, and Google transform marketing (quantifying it in the process), what Bloomberg did to finance.

4. This transformation happens because of the digital transformation of HR processes, the falling cost of computing cost and storage costs.

5. It can be easy to start an HR data science project: pick 1 use case with a business outcome.

6. The challenges of collecting data can be circumvented.

7. Companies need to build trust with employees for HR data is be fully empowered to benefit the individuals and the companies.

8. More details in the podcast.